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Plowman name meaning and history

Plowman Family Trees and Research Results:

Descendants of the Rev William Plowman of Dorset, d.1712.

Sheldon Ploughman's Family Tree.

Mike Baron's Plowman Family Tree.

Ian O'Hara's Plowman Names.

The Lingg Family Plowman Connections.

Pearle L Plowman's Family Tree.

Warren Ploughman Family Tree .

Conrad Plowman's Yorkshire Plowman.

Plowman Family Trees In Progress:

The Plowmans of Yorkshire, England.

The Alfred Plowman Family Home Page.

Anna Plowman Family Page.

Plowman Heraldry:

Illustrations of Coats of Arms granted to PLOWMAN & PLEWMAN.

The 1989 College of Arms, London, search report for the surname PLOWMAN.

Plowman Resources:

Oxford and Cambridge University - PLOWMAN Alumni.

Plowman, Ploughman & Plewman Commonwealth War Dead

Plowman & Ploughman Landowners 1873

Plowman & Ploughman Wills Held at the PRO.

A register of Plowmans in America, as far as obtained with tracings of families, and extracts from English and American records (1901).

Plowman Forums and Discussion Boards:

The Plowman Family Association Forum at

Plowman Family Genealogy Forum at Genealogy.Com.

The Plowman Forum at Ancestry.Com.

Mike Baron's Plowman Smartgroup.

Plowman Resources:

Plowman Surname Resources at the Genealogy Register.

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Available Personalised Plowman Email Accounts.

Plowman Tartan:

A Plowman Tartan?